Breaking Down (From the book BARING MY SOUL)

by The Brown Suga Poet


4:30 AM 
the roosters aint even up 
got sense 
to sleep 
at least till 5 
but not 

in the kitchen 
making lunch 
for the freakin UN-brady bunch 
and aint no maid like alice here to help a sista out 
aint got time for chit chat and shit like that 
conversations only stop the preparation of 

"my favorite is bologna and cheese with mayonaise/no mustard mommy. 
Aaaaaaaand i want chips aaaaaaaaand a drink aaaaaaaand a cookie 
and are u gonna put me a little note
sayin i love u in there like last time..
i love u don't forget the chips..." 

on my lips be words like 
"I love u too and yes I have the chips" 
and them chips 
they be down 
but I 
I be up 
up since 5 
up smiling 
and my little joys 
my boys 
don't know 
I'm breakin down 

down like mississippi flood waters 
crashin like 
atlantic ocean 
titanic type ship 
bail out or be killed 
or bail out and be unfulfilled 

bill collectors call 
and I'm like 
"excuse me, don't u see I'm breakin down here" 
set my ass up on a payment plan and don't call me no more today" 
and ima play like all is cool 
and right 
and sound 
in the mind 
my time to break down 
and I once heard (from someone who is famous but dead now)
that breakin down is really
breakin through.... 

bustin loose like get out of my way 
gotta go 
pick up kid #1, kid #2, kid #3, husband, bank, store, gas station... 
all today 
in about an hour or so 
I aint playin 
road rage aint nothin unless its a bad MOMA jama like myself 
trying get kid #1 one out of school so they wont put him on the bus... 

want some time to get off this roller coaster 
can't ride while I'm drivin 
can't ride while I'm drivin
while im breakin down or through or whatever 
my ass is breakin 

like hurtin from sit ups I was attemptin 
right after dinner, baths and bed time stories 
small and precious glories 
when they say "u da best mama in the whole world" 
and he say "honey u are beautiful and fabulous, what's for dinner" 

I don't need to be 
but the patience 
its making me loose weight 
runnin thin like 
sliced tomatoes 
done by a professional 
sandwich maker 

breakin down 
whatever's clever 
im breakin 

walls down tryna spend some time with myself 
on the shelf 
till everyone else has a piece 
of womb  pie 
awake at night and count sheep 

sacraficed for the shearer 
and I'm cold 
all the time... 

gotta go 
I'm breakin down 
or through 
or whatever.... 

Breaking Down (From the book BARING MY SOUL) by The Brown Suga Poet

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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