A Woman Needs A Remote Control Too

by Lady Adrienne

The remote control is a device that is hand-held with lots of buttons that control various settings. It can control the television channels, DVD settings volume and more. It is a functional device that keeps remote signals to make it easier for you to have control of a device. It uses batteries to operate - AA or AAA batteries. Usually this is all you need to make the remote control work.

So women of America, now that I have described the useful needs of a remote control, how would you like a remote control that you can use on your on mate? You can let your man know when you feel like being romantic, and initiating sex. What you would do is program the remote that sends a signal to your man's brain to run your bath water, massage your back, or whatever sensual positions you choose. Signal him to put rose petals on your bed. How about you program him to fix your dinner.

I know one thing the ladies would love, would be to have your toliet seat down whenever you go to the bathroom, especially if you have to go to the bathroom early in the morning. Another item on the remote would be to control arguments. Just think, when you are pissed off you can set your remote control, so he can stop complaining, or block off the sound of his voice temporarily and set it on pause. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to set his compliments button on just kind words for you all day? That is whenever you would want to hear them. How about a nice dinner and drink.

More of what you can do is set the remote so your man can fold the clothes and put them away. Have a dial set so that you would never have to wash dishes again...or maybe for that day. There is so much you can do with a remote control. So ladies I think it is time for one us to invent a toy like that. What do you think? We will be the most happiest sex in the world.

A Woman Needs A Remote Control Too by Lady Adrienne

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