A Queen's Desire

by Adrienne Strachn

The Rules to a Queen's Desire
I am the Queen and royalty surrounds me
No more putting on heirs.
Is there a man out there who can hold it down?
play no games.
explore those secret places in my erotic box.
who's sexually experienced, mature, and ready to
deal with me.
keep me happy, cause
I am describing the rules of a
Queen's Desire
if you want to be with me...

I need to be caressed
I need some sexy and desirable conversation
intellectual too...
I need your fingertips to softly engrave your name
all over my body.
places that will make me whimper, scream your name
with ecstasy.
These are the rules of a Queen's Desire.

Of course, you will be the only man for me,
and I will be the only Queen for you.
We will be wrapped up in the sheets
when it comes to that time
you and I shaking together
cause, we are so powerful together.

What we will have
is everything we need
some may say, I am stupid for such high expectations,
but no I am not, because,
these are the rules of a Queen's Desire
and I am your Queen...
You must come correct if you want me!

A Queen's Desire by Adrienne Strachn

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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