Pimps In The Pulpit, And We Were Too Blind To See

by Lady Adrienne

Welcome, our new pastor to the pulpit
green suit, shining bright, 
quided by the light, shining bright 
should bring us some delight.
Soft words, 
broken sentences
upholding no biblical text to us
Is he speaking the word, 
sounds foreign, his biblical text to us...
Congregation quiet, 
looking for something to
take in
broken hearts, broken spirits
Usually sounds of tears, 
pleas of mercy
tongue spoken words you can hear
a message
for our new pastor to  declare.
Someone shouts, "speak pastor speak"
hoping Mr. Bright Green Suit
would be delivering souls, speaking loud and clear, 
"amen, amen" shouts someone from the back
in the congregation
Mr. Green suit hollars, falls down on the altar
passes out of our sight
water, water, get some water
What has happened to our new man of God? 
Mr. Pimp in the pulpit has fallen
a hypocrite indeed
words spoken by God,  
for us not to be too blind to see.
Soft, quiet unspoken words
to set us up to believe.
What you needed to  see
He was Green with Envy, 
and Greed 
Now can't you believe......

Pimps In The Pulpit, And We Were Too Blind To See by Lady Adrienne

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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