Hey Mr. Correction Officer!

by LadyAdrienne

Hey Mr.Correction Officer!

You look at me everyday

staring me down, like an animal

like I wanna be in here

stay here forever.

I was a woman before I came in here.

Hey, Mr. Correction Officer,

you talk to me like I have no feelings

giving me orders

like I don't deserve no respect.

Inside this cell, I am someone different

but on the outside,

I wore perfume and business suits

party dresses too.

Held down a job

just like you

I am a woman with a soul and a heart too.


Hey, Mr. Correction Officer

inside of this Orange jumpsuit

is a beautiful woman

you don't know why I'm in here, obviously,

but I sure can't dress up in here.

Stripped of my dignity,

we all the same in here.

Wearing this jumpsuit almost 24 hrs a day

counting all the minutes, all day long,

yes I am here, where can I go.

I can't go nowhere, because I committed a crime.

Still everyday, I'm a woman with a heart, a soul

I hurt a man, that hurt me,

he used to love me, real good too.

Everything about me he loved,

atleast I thought he did

lips, heart, thighs all belonged to him

used to give me sweet kisses their too.

You kind of cute Mr. Correction Officer,

sweet just like he was.

Mr. Correction Officer,

do your job

if I didn't commit a crime

I wouldn't be doing time.

Maybe our paths would have crossed

I only have 2 years, 3hrs and a day

Don't treat me like trash,

this cell  number don't define me!

I am a woman too,

with a heart and a soul

Hey Mr. Correction Officer! by LadyAdrienne

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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