Never Again, Once More

by Lady Adrienne

 Never again, Once more

The Stranger had a key to the door
very familiar with all the surroundings
He lives here,
at times, once before

The stranger walked around the room
his cold hands rest on my shoulders
he massages my back
saids my name,
but not soft like he used too.
Used to embrace that name,
chills would run up and down my spine
everywhere else too.
A pet name for me,
an affectionate name
I always answered to that name
But then, that was one time, once before,
not now.

The stranger stood before me
wondering why I did not answer to that name,
a name, that made me smile before
angry emotions stir up now
he raises his hands high up in the air
mumbles something to himself
pickes up his keys, to walk out the door,
He doesnt ask me, 'Did you hear me call you dear'?
He never stopped to hear me
never stopped to see my lips,
to see if i smiled
No not like once before

This stranger turns around
keys in his hands.
He was leaving again
he kisses my lips,
I part them,
a quick necessary response
remembering how it used to be,
the stranger pauses,
How could you forget how it was,
when it was right,
You never were a stranger before?
I guess it will never be,
like it was, ever before,
once more 

Never Again, Once More by Lady Adrienne

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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