No Test, No Testimony

by LadyAdrienne

Some people
like to think they have a
different walk saved only for
   Careful now,
everyone has a testimony to give
Perhaps, yours came today. 

Reaching out to God
is  very personal
It is he, who directs our path.
Can see us, but we don't see him
Righteous and Faithful living 
is totally up to us. 

Holier than thou people
the anointing 
comes from the Lord
For us, the ability to accept it
Like, putting the cover on a book.
A Changed Man/Woman
The Test

Lift your hands up
Cry Holy!
The Angles surround you
present yourself
A Toxic Soul
gives up

Worship with the angles
Prayer becomes answered
Lessons learned
The Bible becomes the storehouse
of daily lessons. 
A foundation set
for a learning Christian. 
Take it or leave it
Its the test
No Test, No Testimony


My mom once told me, 
No Test, No Testimony. 
Momma was right.
  She knows. 


No Test, No Testimony by LadyAdrienne

© Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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