Momma Told Me to be Careful

by Lady Adrienne

Momma warned me to be careful.
careful of a man like you,
charasmic, sweet, smooth talking, 
smart, fine like a moviestar.
Coming over here everynite
smelling so good, I could taste you
 perfect teeth,luscious lips
with that sly smile.
She warned me to be careful 
you would be too good to be true.
Iwas smitten when you were around.
see nothing  else but you.
momma warned me to be careful, 
when you take me out 
you would even wine and dine me
food i couldn't even pronouce
you would be to good to be true
momma warned me, that you would
buy me gifts she would not be able
to give me, 
you'd be his posession, she would say, 
a constant smile would stay on my face
happiness accured with you around
I thought you were my world
I wanted you around everyday
but then momma told me another thing
that if i let you make love to me, 
too fast too soon, you might go away
she told me love you slowly
but i knew a good man like you
would not wait forever
you were too good to be true
woman wanted you everywhere
you didn't have to wait for me
momma warned me that i would be so taken by you
that i would not be able to say no, 
not now, maybe never
you ignited that spark that had not been taken, 
atleast by you
there between my legs, 
my secret place, that i chose to give to you
at the right time
you was so good to me.
atleast i thought you was, and you did too...
momma warned me, 
i thought you loved me, atleast you said it
a dozen times, though i heard you say it
I didn't listen to momma though, 
just you
that spark, that gleam, 
I was so smitten, 
now i am here, 
our baby is here
you are there
oh, you are there alright, 
nice to someone else
just like you were to me
I should have listened to momma 

Momma Told Me to be Careful by Lady Adrienne

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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