Love Letter

by LadyAdrienne

All I ever had, was the one love letter 
that I could remember
you, my boyfriend wrote me.
You, would tell me how you admired me
how you even loved me
we were so young.
A love letter was so appropriate 
at that time.
Everything about me you liked
thrilled me to the up most
my lips ,you kissed
said, they were sexy
yeah ,
that thrilled me to the up most
In my love letter you told me 
my boottie was sexy and round,
everyone else teased me, and said it was so big
not you,
that thrilled me to the up most
Told me most everything I needed to hear
in my ear
and that thrilled me to the up most
You said my breast,
was very sexy to you.
You like to put your arm
around my tiny waist
I was only your girl!
looking at myself, did not see
exactly what you saw
but, that thrilled me to the up most
you saw it and liked it
maybe loved it.
In my love letter you declared love
saying things like,
I hope nothing ever separates us
couldn't live if something happened to you
you are the only one that  I want to be with
Forever i will be true to you
Forever, and ever,
I even think I love you,
and that thrilled me to the up most
The true words of a Love Letter.
I knew the truth all alone
but for now 
thrilled me to the up most.
Our love was like a magnet
draw me nearer!
this love letter had me 
and it thrilled me to the up most
ready to give my soul, my
sweet love nest  to you.. 
All because of 
this love letter.

If you ever had a Love Letter written to you...
then you know how seriously you take it. 
You read it, let your friend read it, 
take it with you everywhere, maybe put it under your pillow...
Thank heavens for the 1st Love Letter.. Lady Adrienne

Love Letter by LadyAdrienne

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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