Looking Thru the Window

by Adrienne Strachn

Looking thru the window
there you were, handsome as can be.
Pressing my face closer
I wanted you to see me.
I tapped at the window
It appeared that you noticed me
I saw a quick wave, then smile.
I was thinking a good looking clean cut man like you,
needs a good looking woman like me.
I figured, if I came outside you would like what you see.
I saw you staring at something 
What could it be? 
So I rushed to the door, and headed outside
then noticed your smile
I knew that smile was just for me.
This feeling of confidence arose all over me
Could you have been impressed
with what you saw in me,
at least that's what I could see,
i got closer and closer
then i turned and looked around 
what could this be?
Smiling and waving to your family
your pretty wife and babies. 
We were both looking in the same
direction seeing two different things.

Author's note:

People could see the same things from a window, but can interpret
them differently when asked?
Writing for me, means taking up some time in a different space 
in another place. 
When I am not writing, giving my computer love, enjoying facebook
I am spending time with my husband of many years, children,
and extended family.  

Looking Thru the Window by Adrienne Strachn

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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