Inside My Head

by Adrienne Clark Strachn

 This Poem is in memory of my Dad 
    and the love my mother
    gave him till the end.  
  7/15/1928 TO 8/15/2009

Inside my head Is a dream no one else will ever know. It's in my head, it's private and only belongs to me It provides the joy that we took for granted never seeing the future happiness belonging just you and me. Sometimes, I smell my dream the fragrance that lays on the tip of my nose the smell of my favorite flower Gardenia's a fragrance you liked on me. In my dream there is a woman of strenght, a warrior, one who gave you love, sometimes now i only can see an aging tree, with scattered broken branches alone, yea that's me. In my dream I see a couple embracing visioning the sweet nothings the whispers, but only for my ear, the droplets of tears that appear, the fear of me alone. all exposed because you're no longer here. My dream displays when you, touched me here, touched me there just everywhere. I'm in a good place now. Dream over, Wake up! can't take this any longer I see a light shining brightly Heaven please, provide for you a resting place maybe for you, then for me, So alone dreamimg I won't be!

Inside My Head by Adrienne Clark Strachn

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