Now That I Know

by Lady Adrienne

Now, that I know who I am
I won't answer when you call me those four letter words.
they could have been three worded
how would i know
I was raised on them words, my daddy did it
my boyfriends did it, and now my babies daddies.
when i looked them up in the dictionary,
thought i belonged to something special
Websters definition
if it's good for some man Webster
gotta be good  enough for me,
but you,  the new and last man who  has come in my life
let me know, I am too beautiful, sacred
to be called any word but beautiful
I knew the word B did not have a ring to it
never did, demeaning
my ex screamed it
when he wanted me or to give him something
somehow i never could do no right! 
Scared, when I met you..
didn't want a man to justify me no more
name me
I am the me nobody knows cause
I was afraid everyone saw me like the ex
i left him
now i met  you, someone new
new day, new name
you couldn't wouldn't never call me those names
you said the letter b
means hello beautiful.

Now That I Know by Lady Adrienne

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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