A Housewive's Tale

by LadyAdrienne

I don't know about you,but I am an average housewife. I get up in the mornings, run to the bathroom, try to give a quick washdown and at the same time listen for the voices that surround me in my household. I don't necessarily have to cook breakfast, they are pretty big now. But while in my bathrobe, with regular slippers not the fluffy kind I make sure everyone has their cereals. Although, I still get the "I don't like this or that", I take a lot of deep breathes so I can remain calm. My husband follows the time schedule of the kids, making sure his day does not get run in by any bickering or unpleasant conversations.

Most of the time I am reminded of something that must get done before he comes home. His day is long and my day usually has a chore or grocery list. When everyone has left the house, most of the time, I embrace the quietness that will only last for a couple of hours. Maybe, I will have a cup of coffee, soda, or cook a blissful meal that I can enjoy myself and not share.

To have six girlfriends eating in my kitchen with me asking about my intimate business or drinking several cups of wine never crosses my mind. For me I need my space. I really do not care what my friends have on. Most of my friends who would be stay at home moms, or work at home careers, would like me, have on sweat pants. Those that work, would be wearing office attire and would be rushing off to work, not caring if I wanted to talk. This is the story of an average housewife. We really don't have that time.

No breast augmentations to talk about, no thigh, nose surgeries, perhaps walking around the block, dieting, or taking the dog out, but never with 6 inch heels and a low cut dress. Get ready to pull out those sneakers.

Now, back to reality, get those chores done. Get on the computer start your online business, do it all while watching the clock before everyone gets home. As I reflect back and remember my arch rivals on the housewives of Atlanta, Washington ,Beverly Hills, and my new show, Basketball wives, I wonder how did they get to this level. Who in the world is doing their housework. I never see maids in their houses. They just sit and drink wine all day, dressed up in their low cut dresses, laughing or telling one another off.

All I know is that I prefer this life I am in. I guess I live the story of the normal life of the average housewife. After seeing these shows, do I really want to be rich, or live off a man's money so I can be miserable. Many of them make their own money, but they lost that substance. Worrying all day what my friends are doing would not be of interest to me. Let me live my private life with my husband and children. Let me clean my house without you telling me my husband doesn't want me. Ladies, where is your sanity?

All in all, at the end of the day, my husband says, "why do you watch these shows, then get upset at these ladies?" I say, "Enjoy the Fantasy." It makes you love and appreciate what you have. Imitate the characters when you want to put some fantasy in your romantic life. Think about some of the careers of these woman, and how you can get there, but be thankful for what you have. Love your husbands and children, and don't go after miserable friends. If you have wine for breakfast do so, but get your work done.

A Housewive's Tale by LadyAdrienne

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