Gotta Pay the Cost to Be My Boss!

by LadyAdrienne

I'm out here tonight at the club tonight
real as can get
let me tell you 
let me get my dance on
Yes, by myself or with you!
Don't need no man messin up my head for the 
yes the New Year's,
I'm as real as can be
Yes I'm feeling quite sexy
Me, and my pretty Red dress
choosing my man selectively.
Got some rolls here and there
Tuck it here and there, 
Not a skinny woman at all
got a "Dunk in my Trunk"
not like in those magazines
with the waistline size twenty.
but like i said a country girl dunk.
Don't let all this body go to your head
No insecure woman here
Love everything about me
even if i failed at a lot of diets
I'm still confident, smart and witty
and gt myself together.
 This music so good, can't stop dancing
but wouldn't mind a kind good looking "gentleman"
to drop to his knees
and put a wide smile on my face
200 lbs, never stopped me none
Just need a real man
someone honest, sincere, no Bullsh... , oh well,
to deal with my high quality self
Don't be intimidated by my confidence
Don't come trying to change me
Let me dance
see I'm loving this music
But if you can handle all of me
Well come on by,
Good looking
all your teeth, candy licker 
something to offer brother,
Alright nah,
I don't want no sloppy seconds
I ain't no joke
I am a big healthy, right on time woman
wanting a good righteous man
Gotta pay the cost to be my Boss.

Gotta Pay the Cost to Be My Boss! by LadyAdrienne

© Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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