The Devil In Me

by LadyAdrienne

The Devil  
while, the rapidly moving water 
sends echoes all across the cities tall buildings
to the underground trains down below.
When I hold your hand I get angry if a crowd appears
and we separate for a second, which feels like many minutes
fearing that one of us may get lost in a crowd.
For an inch of a minute, my heart palpitates
then there you are with that sexy smile
there I go feeling that little devil in me again.
That little devil in me, wants to kiss you in the park
of course at night, silly, 
night is romantic and tempting
Maybe I will let you kiss me more
 and then some more.  
No one will even notice. 
Who cares anyway.
A bottle of wine, Chardonnay, your favorite 
2 glasses, just for us
the picnic basket and blanket.. 
just in case we choose to get closer
this warm summer night.
Right now, it wouldn't matter if it were a snowy night
with diamond shaped snowflakes upon our faces
because I only see you.
The little devil in me 
is in love with you
when we make love
i hear a love song,
my toes curl
i giggle, 
god this is so good.
I lose myself in you
wish we could mesh together
like adhesive glue
the little devil in me would do it
The devil in me is my erotic zone
my imagination, my burning passion
I'm just a woman in love
with a devish desire burning inside of me

The Devil In Me by LadyAdrienne

© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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