Why Cry Holy

by Lady Adrienne

 People become Holier than thou
Sincerity in their walk
stepping very carefully
Start to judge 
the other people not as holy

Don't have so much to say
God directs our paths
Some just chose to walk a little 
Some, don't see the path
walk around a little blind.
No understanding of their path of 
No race to get close to

He loves us so much 
he gave his
only begotten son, 
that we may all have life.
He never gives up on us.
In life, people have the right
book cover
but the inside pages are yellow, tarnished 
not so beautiful.
We can't see that.
Be careful not to judge them
It could be you
can't you see.

The salvation's at the end
the light in the tunnel
 comes from God
Which ever way he handles you
not man.

The unrighteous man at his lowest
 cries Holy,
set himself apart
he feels he is so holy, 
he forgets,
he himself couldn't understand 
why his
prayer was not always answered

We all have to workship with the Angels 

Let the Bible be your foundation and 
remember to Cry Holy.
God answers all prayers that call out to Him.
Never be discouraged
He answers prayer no matter what level
of pray you are in. 
He will go to the top
or the bottom
Cry holy, why, cry holy!

Why Cry Holy by Lady Adrienne

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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