Share |Could It Be What You See Is Not Really Me

by Lady Adrienne

Yes you, the one with the dreads, 
wavy, nappy hair, 
Do i see my dark bald headed brother
over there. 
Hey you,my mullato  looking
handsome bowleg muscular brother. 
Would you be the daddy of one of my kids?
Professional looking brother, 
Chunky big foot  brother, 
Do you have a job, would you take care of me?
Sophisticated, laid back Brother.
Good when i want someone to take around. 
How do you choose your ladies
Do you label them like i just labeled you?
Should i give you my best
putting the moves on you all night long.
Do you still want to get with me.
Think you wanna concur me?
Well, I'm here
sexy outfit and all. 
This long hair
It's not all mines, 
but its what you like  right?
If i want a man 
like you to dance or be
with me tonight.
These boobs, they not all mines,
this bra is  actually killing me.
certain bras, sure help a sister out
My figure,
getting some extra help from this "all in one"
These shoes,
god, my feet are hurting!
You know what's funny?
you can't see my hidden flaws
but still you out for the hunt 
talking about me to your boys
giving each the handshake.
Why you gotta be like that?
I am gonna be choosy too 
too early in the evening to pick you
Remember, what you see on me
is not all me
could it be that what you see
is not what you really see. 

Author's note:
  Memoirs of the 70's-80's the club era, Men checking the ladies out... 
  all for a dance for some a night of pleasure. Some left only to feel 
  broken hearted, some left to feel what's wrong with me. All in all 
  if you were strong and got into the music, you had a good time.
  So what he see's in you.  Can you just get a dance? 
  Dance by yourself.

Share |Could It Be What You See Is Not Really Me by Lady Adrienne

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