Calling ALL Men

by Lady Adrienne

Calling all Men
Grown and Sexy
Calling all Men
Who can hold down a job
keep a job,
Follow up with good conversation,
Calling all Men
Someone who smells good dresses good
Calling all Men
One that comes with benefits,
even a Debit Card will do.
Big trips, little trips
anyplace will do
Sometimes we can even go Dutch,
Just be Resourceful when we do
Calling all Men,
Do you know how to please a woman?
A mature man should fit these qualifications

Calling all men,
Are you a man that can hold his own?
walks in the room with confidence
I just ask, cause some men don't? ..
Are you a Missionary man,
or a round the way man?
Calling All Men,
Do you have a car?
You don't have too,
But it sure would be nice
Don't like walking in the winter
And being hot in the summer
Calling All Men
Do you live with your Momma,
Or are you coming home to me
Calling all Men,
Do you come with a Spiritual Body?
Are you focus on some type of Morals,
Spiritual Beliefs
Well if you are,
This is a Want Ad
Calling All Men
Are you gonna to answer it, or not?

Calling ALL Men by Lady Adrienne

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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