It's Your Boyfriend!

by Lady Adrienne

That distinct knock at my door 
I go hesitantly, to answer it
it is you,
the only one
who knocks like that
this time of night

Oh! it's your boyfriend
he knows he shouldn't be here
this time of night
or any night

He's your cheater,
but my friend
he really shouldn't be here 
this time of night 
or any 

I'm a single girl
with needs and desires
he's your boyfriend
that comes to me
with manly needs.

what should I do tonight
or any other night
I wonder do you know where 
he is tonight
I wonder if he told you he's
at the store
I wonder will he do some of the
things he does to you 
tonight or any other night.

His touch is so sensual
gives me chills 
when he is with you
and i think of him.
he gives such seductive kisses
and his hands,  they
touch every
part of my body

I know I should have not 
have him here, 
tonight or any other night
but of course I let him in. 

If he were my boyfriend he would not 
go to no other 
I know his needs 
he tells me
he's your boyfriend
and he's my friend
when we're together 
it's me and him
no strings attached
He's yours
but tonight
he's mines.
He shouldn't be here,
but I let him in. 

He's yours truthfully
I can't let him go tonight
please forgive me, 
Don't be mad.

I want some of what you have
you have such a strong boyfriend,
that needs some of my attention.
I know he shouldn't be here
but he knocked at my door
I just happened to 
answer it.

It's Your Boyfriend! by Lady Adrienne

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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