Can I Find A Black Man

by Lady Adrienne

Can I find a Black Man, to give me what I want?
A white picket fence with red  roses
roses in the garden, aligned with the fence.
Give me that big house
a porch with a swing set 
somewhere out in the country
right next to my white neighbor's house?

Can I find a Black Man, do like my daddy did,
open the car door on my side
give me his hand like my daddy did my mother? 

Would my Black Man drive a nice car
and I would drive one too
instead of you leaving me home
and go out. 
or maybe 
we both would have cars. 

Can I find a Black Man who owns his own company,
work hard for a living. 
or one that never works
and I have to take care of the family
for us?

Can I find a Black Man who would be romantic
or one  that thinks he has to 
be hard, use curse words 
in order for me to understand him.

Can we go on trips 
were we would fall in love over and over again
eat in romantic restaurants
or would you only do take-outs.?

Can I find a Black Man make 
to make sweet passionate love to me
all night, satisfy my cravings
do me like this, do me like that
till I screamed in ecstasy 
from being satisfied,
or would I have to beg 
for a little bit of your time.

Being Spiritual would be alright too
if you mind.  

Can I find a Black Man, 
who understands, all ladies want 
to be treated and spoken to, 
like the Queens we are
Do you think, I've been reading to many books?

Can I Find A Black Man by Lady Adrienne

© Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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