The Temp

by Str8 4ward

This Temptation of life is hard to determine.
When the results of wrongdoing make you feel like vomit.
Your stomach began to burn as the thoughts arise,
or when the aftermath hit, you're not startled nor surprised.
Fear runs down your back 'til the goose bumps are now blisters.
Sweat began to pour as you tell yourself, "I'm not doing this anymore."
Your toes become numb like there's no circulation
and you began to stumble on your own words, avoiding the confession.
Eyes blinking like the warning light on the Brooklyn Bridge.
All you knew is it sounded good, you dig?
So watch what you do because it comes back 10x harder on you.
The repercussion could fry a nerve.
You'll end up in the grave or a 2x life jailbird. 
Got you thinking? Yeah, it was wrong but too late for the sad songs.
2x life, alone, that's not too long! You think?
Now your heart is starting to sink,
pick your head up, you should have known, too much is enough.
Thoughts to action, Action to character.
It's usually how they determine you.
I've found this true, I don't know about you,
but I choose my actions carefully as I wake.
One wrong move could send your life in a quake.
If you have to think twice before you make a decision,
it must be the temp, temptation, this will teach you a lesson.
This sin will keep your thoughts a mess
and you'll have to keep an open mind,
you know, think outside the box,
or your freedom, pride and accomplishments will be put away under lock.
Temptation is the biggest sin of all.
Well, If you had questions, you knew who to call.
Choose your actions carefully and remember the backside of this mission.
Don't get yourself lost in the life of Temptation. 

The Temp by Str8 4ward

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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