Carnival Man


Carnival man, can I see those tricks?
You know, when you clown all those hearts and juggle all those chicks.
Carnival man, I like the way your roller coaster works.
When it turns those smiles into frowns
as theyíre spending through the loops and hanging them upside-down.
Carnival man, what about that barbwire act?
The way they walk that fine line
and step lightly hoping not to set a spark.
While, the suspense of the crowd is left in the dark.
Have you ever seen this one man show?
With the clowning, the tricks, roaring lions, and deranged monkeys.
All those hissing snakes and nagging billy goats.
Itís okay if you need to be entertained for that moment.
But carnival man, this 3-ring twist is getting annoying.
All clowns are not the opening act.
You need to wipe that smile off your face as a matter of fact. 
Iím the zookeeper and I love to tame.
I donít care for Scrabble so miss me with the games.
How much longer will you be in this part of town?
Because, I canít handle another disappearing act or merry-go-round.
You need to retire because your clowning license has expired.
Look for a new trade like cooking or cleaning.
Iíve played the maid while you were in my wheels gangster leaning. 
Itís time you held the flashlight while I perform.
Itís call ďDancing with wolves in the quiet storm.Ē

Carnival Man by STR8 4WARD

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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