I Was Born In Utopia (A Tribute to Nikki Giovanni)

by Roslyn Stockett-Nichols

I was born in Utopia, 

graced with the body of a Goddess and the image of a Queen. 

With arms toned stretching long enough to reach all continents 

and a few planets in between. 

I have a belly full for reproduction; 

my legs are long and lean.

My skin is smooth and gold as a Nigerian Sun,

My eyes are as brown as a cocoa bean.


I take summer holidays on the Nile, Isis brings me

Beautifully well endowed men to feast on, I am content. 

By the end of summer I would spit out babies,

Continuing to build a strong black universe.

My babies will grow up to be fruitful and multiply

in great numbers. Our blackness will forever grow


On my lazy nights I would sit in the woods and paint the sky with clouds. 

You may know it as the northern lights or the aurora boreal.

Sometimes I would whisper sweet wisdom in our newborn babies ears, 

I know that it makes you wonder 

why are they grinning so hard when they've just arrived here.


On Sunday mornings I would sing an aria with the cherubs, 

our beautiful voices chimed for all it was worth. 

Once I sold the sun to the planet Urantia; 

most know it by the name Earth.


On cool nights I would dance across the Moon

riding on the tail of a shooting star; 

Waving at Cancri, Pollux, Castor,and not to forget the Quasar.


I would walk the path of the Sahara Desert leaving

all men in awe of my Nubian beauty;

Dark & mysterious, beautifully sculptured,

They can not help but notice me.

I was born in Utopia.  

I Was Born In Utopia (A Tribute to Nikki Giovanni) by Roslyn Stockett-Nichols

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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