Black As Coal Dipped In Chocolate At 12 Midnight

by Dwayne Springs

I am black as coal dipped in Chocolate at 12 midnight
I am black as a burnt skillet
and my hair is nappy and damn,
I used to wish I was light
am I that jigga boo
am I that nigger who
used to hide his skin
in the heat of the summertime 
because when the cracks would start
and they would say "who is the blackest M.F. you know ?"
I did not want the face they were looking at to be mine
I'm the blackest in my family at times
I used to silently suffer and wonder how God made me
I would question the who and why of how I came to be
almost to the point of insanity
but then the evolution of this man began
but then a revolution in this man began
the evolution caused a revolution
against the governing body inside of me
and although it was the early 90's
I was just starting to break free
the shackles that were limiting me and permitting me
from being who I knew wished or always wanted to be
I had heard that I was the Asiactic Black Man
the maker owner cream of the planet earth
God of the universe but none of that meant sh*t
until within this individual black man I found worth
so now like a women nine months pregnant
I am giving birth to a new identity of me
and now no longer do I scorn the skin that I am in
because what was once my enemy has become my best friend
Now I love to hear my sister say
"come here you bald head sexy M.F."
they don't know that might get them turned out
because I have matured into a pretty good lover
now I thank the creator for how he created me
cause I know how he created me was right.
I love my black ass !!!! 

Black As Coal Dipped In Chocolate At 12 Midnight by Dwayne Springs

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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