My Adikshun!

by Adikshun!

 Always loved you but had no true understandin'
 you have always been that passion that is so demandin'
 Childhood memories of you holding, clinching,
 scolding me wanting you daily, voluntarily
 allowing you to master me
 time we couldn't be together couldn't wait 
 intense thoughts of you 
 had to master my bait
 remember wanting you so much feelin'
 the drip of your touch
 being told by northern lips 
 slow down but don't trip
 still to this day in awe
 when the southern one seizes 
 my peak
 you make me weak, you make me weak
 tied tongue can't speak
 once had ignorant commitment to not 
 kiss you, now have to, want to
 I'm thirsty can I have a sip or two
 you, YOU got that power to turn mighty men to mice
 invite, invite,
 can I touch 
 I'll be nice
 Don't shut the door
 cause after tastin' it 
 can't waste it
 right I'm greedy
 maybe needy
 baby please me,please me
 now a full grown man but
 have yet to understand
 but know it aint' no livin'
 don't loose me

My Adikshun! by Adikshun!

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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