The 11:30 Call!

by Adikshun

It was late one cool fall night, I was in between sleep and watching TV when the phone rang. "Hey!" the familiar voice said.

I attempted to clear my voice when Alisha said, "wake yo black ass up, I need to hollar at you." Alisha was my buddy, my play sister, my co-worker...really she was a women that I wanted from day one that would not give me any play. She stated "I'm on my way over you over there being nasty?"

I responded, "Naw, gurl ain't nobody over here!"

She knew I had a few female friends, she actually hooked me up with a couple of them but tonight I was solo. When she arrived I was laying on the couch candles lit watching Sportcenter. I playfully threw a pillow at her when she sat her fine as down on the loveseat across from me."Gurl, you know I thought you was a Booty Call...from 11:00p.m to 2:00am are prime Booty Call hours." "I know you are a little retarded and didn't know!" I jokingly said.

She responded "Maybe I did!"

She was trying her best to look like a hoochie when she said it. We both looked at each other and started laughin'. I stated, "Gurl, don't nobody want you!" She turned around intentionally provoking me and said "You know you want this ass!" I looked at her, threw another pillow at her and turned around to watch the TV not saying a word. She sat back down and started questioning me. "What's up with you and Sara?" I stated "nothin'" She further questioned, "you still hittin'it?"

"Damn,gurl is yo ass working for FBI, you got too many questions."

She hit me. I said, "what's up with you a Lexo?" Lexo was this lame ass dude that she was dating that drove a Lexus. Lisa stated, "he get's on my nerves with that fake ass, romance 101 bullshit! The endless compliments, walks on the beach, flowers and that fake ass Barry White voice is weak as hell." I stated, "Sara's fake church girl ass is annoying as a mug. One day she is Lil Kim then she wants to be a love sick puppy on the next day. I need good lovemakin'I ain't lookin' for love." Alisa surprised me and said, "I'm feeling that!" She was normally Ms. Let's Find Your SoulMate but this was different. She said,"What you got to eat?" I said "go look" I really wished that I had asked that question instead of her because I knew what I wanted to eat. She came back from the kitchen and I was looking at the TV with my back to her. She questioned "you want some of this?" I turned around to see her standing in the doorway eating ice cream out of the carton leaning on the wall butt naked.

I just looked at her firm, plump breast, alert nipples down to her sleek mid-section to her neatly shaven private area. Looking at the hips from the front you could tell how much she was blessed with the booty of a Nubian Goddess. I stood up pulled my sweats off, walked my now naked chocolate ass to my carmel colored friend and began to enjoy her.

I began by kissing her lower lips, she then wrapped her legs around me as I stood up while she rode me. She was so submissive when I turned her around and began to enjoy her the back. We had been friends but now we were intertwining that friendship with being lovers. After that night we chose to keep our new relationship a secret. We would continue our intimacy but it would only be between us and it would always begin with a 11:30 phone call.

The 11:30 Call! by Adikshun

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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