I Like Living Life...(My Living Tropical Fascination)

by Samuel Black

I like sailing in a glass bottom boat over blue clear waters
Where observing the wonders of the ocean depth is captivating
Bringing to mind the beauty of creation and the essence of life 
At times itís like the fascination of a child enjoying the fair 
I like the crystal water, fascination, and the creation of life

I like the taste of sweet mangoes as I relax on Caribbean beaches
Such a relaxing way to watch the sun setting on the horizon  
The juice is like an appetizer preparing the buds for the course
Stimulating the stomach for the coming dish of flavor for the day
I like tasty mangoes, setting sun, and Caribbean beaches at night

I like getting an unwinding massage after a strenuous journey 
Feeling the hot stones penetrating my skin and down into my pours
The fragrance of aromatic massaging oil reminds me of life ahead 
Rejuvenating hands give the assurance that there is another day
I like aromatic oil, stimulating hands, and assurance at days end

I like fluffy pillows and deep sleeping at night under the stars
Where I am resting well and recharging while enjoying tranquility
Leaving behind those cares which I have no desire to take with me
Feeling like a feather floating in the atmosphere without bounds
I like soft pillows, floating without cares, and resting at night

I like listening to the harmony of the birds chirping in unison
With great melody like Romeo under Julietís window in the morning
Their music awakens me to a new day, starting off in a new way
One with hope and great inspiration as pleasurable as inner joy 
I like the melody of songs with inspiration, rhythm and harmony

I like to take a shower after getting out of bed and stretching
Nothing stimulates me like the flow of running temperate water
Warmth that captivates me as the soul is now reviving to new life
It is like a rose touching the spirit in a new way for a new day
I like the flow of water, the revival of life, and touching roses

I like the natural taste of tropical flavored coffee at dawn
It awakens me with a glow of radiance as the rising sun out east 
Producing an aura, ready to touch the world, light from darkness
Inspiring a new creation like a magical fairytale with splendor
I like tasting flavored coffee, sun shine, and lifeís radiance 

I Like Living Life...(My Living Tropical Fascination) by Samuel Black

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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