Special Prayer For Victims Of Katrina

by Samuel Black

Dedicated to all the victims of Hurricane Katrina, 
their family members, loved ones, friend, 
and others who are helping them to overcome 
such a tragedy in their lives and get back on their feet:

Dear God, from Katrina many have felt the wrath from the sea
We call upon You to protect Your people and this is our plea
Only You really know the future of this world by Your plans
The fate of all people and the victims of Katrina rest in Your hands
You are the creator of all things and the director of our path
Guide us today in the right direction to know You as we ought
Your people are suffering, and children, adults and pets are dying
Send Your guardian angels to alleviate the pain by Katrina's fury

Dear God, we pray for prevention of further disaster and pain
Please feed those who are hungry and thirsty so they sustain
Heal the wounds inflicted upon the families from Katrina
Prevent the spreading of disease from germs known and unknown
Deter those who are moving to harm others from their greed
Deliver medical care to the sick and impart healing which they need
Rebuild Your nation as You have done before and provide shelter
Strengthen our infrastructure in a proactive manner in Your glory

Dear God, we pray that You touch the heart of governments regarding flood control
Bring Your nation together as one people working for the good of every soul
Heavenly Father, strengthen others to help with preventing any further disaster
Bind the hearts of all Your people to help in bringing about healing faster
Impart goodwill upon this nation and now shower us with Your abiding love
Heavenly Father, these things we pray for in the name of Your son Jesus above
Who died on Calvary’s Cross for us that we may live in Your light
We humbly bow before You today lifting up Your name to make things right

Dear God, we seek Your deliverance from this tragedy and from Katrina's disaster
We know that You will rebuild Your nation and reunite Your people hereafter
You are the Potter and we are the clay
Answer our prayers today
Look upon us we pray
Touch us Your way
Erase our fears
Dry our tears

Special Prayer For Victims Of Katrina by Samuel Black

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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