Definition of Epulaeryu Poetry - Part One (The Name)

by Samuel Black

I have received several requests from authors seeking further knowledge regarding the Epulaeryu poetic form invented by me. I will break the word down in its two parts. Let us start with the first part, Epulae. The word Epulae is derived from the Latin word meaning a feast or form of feast. It could also be classified as a very large meal, a banquet, or to partake in a feast. One could equate it with a big family barbeque on the forth of July. Quite possible, it could be a great Thanksgiving mea

l. As we know the Greeks had many feasts for various reasons. Likewise, other nationalities have their own form of festivities with delicious meals, music, singing, or just a family get-together to celebrate and give thanks for various reasons.

The second part of Epulaeryu is Ryu. This word was selected from the Asian arts meaning form, style, or a certain way of doing something. Both of my sons are martial artists with black belts in different forms or styles of martial arts from Korea and Japan. In studying the forms with them I have noticed particular styles. As such, we have our own ways of doing things, especially when it comes to cooking a tasty dinner, or a delicious meal. Upon studying the different styles and forms of meal, Ryu was added to Epulae to make the word Epulaeryu. Obviously, this is a special form or style of feast or meal. Thus, the poetic form Epulaeryu is about delicious, tasty, flavorful, appetizing, savory, succulent meals, or feast.

Having served in the army for over twenty years, I have had the opportunity to visit many places in Europe, Asia, and America. During those trips I have had some of the most delicious meals, have rubbed my tummy many times over, and have toasted many feasts and dinner events. The name has been revised many times over the years before the Epulaeryu was finally selected as the name. I will discuss the syllable form of 7/5/7/5/5/3/1/ and how it was selected in another blog. Hopefully this helps.

This is one of my first Epulaeryu Poems:

Curried Chicken (Epulaeryu)

Brown rice cooked with kidney beans
Specially flavored
Curried chicken and ginger
With cranberry sauce
Side of tossed salad
So tasty

Definition of Epulaeryu Poetry - Part One (The Name) by Samuel Black

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