B. B. King Plays The Blues

by Samuel Black

Born as Riley B. King
He makes his guitar Lucile sing
Arkansas swing brawl, kerosene fire and all
What a stupid thing, vowed not to participate, standing tall
Beal Street Blues Boys, Blues Boy King
Now finally, B. B. King!

One Touch Ultra daily sticks
Makes him like a Timex just wanting to tick
This man can pick just like the blow of Moby Dick
Vegetarian for years, his music makes his pay
Laughing away the tears turns night into day
Honey, The Thrill is here to stay!
He is the “King of Blues”
Like switching on a new fuse
Cousin Bukka White makes his lyrics new
Now, he makes you put on your dancing shoes
Mississippi, Memphis, world tour, he is asking for more
355 shows a year plus, he keeps open the door!

Gibson signature guitar for the Pope
Honorary degrees, endowments, fellowships give hope 
Eric Clayton super-duo “Riding With The King” 
No wonder he makes the world swing
For U.S. Presidents and worldwide dignitaries
He makes dear Lucille sing!

Statue in Arkansas for Lucille’s fire
Many Grammy awards taking his music higher
Gospel, delta blues, jazz, his charismatic band for hire
From 1925 to 2005 he’s alive and not yet ready to retire
With sweet Lucille he sets the world on fire
It’s B. B. King, the man’s going higher!

B. B. King Plays The Blues by Samuel Black

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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