What Yah Looking At?

by Soyini Denise Liburd

I walk down the street and I’m on show
I don’t wanna be,
But the choice has been taken away from me
There’s no detour around, though I wish there was one
And I gotta get to where I’m going
Despite the vultures who are waiting -  staring

Here’s where a girl’s gotta be careful.
To keep the vultures at bay
She’s gotta act in just the right way.
If she acts vulnerable by cringing or staring at the
The vultures, they’re gonna pull her down
If she let’s her face kiss the sky
As she walks quickly by
The vultures they get mad at the snotty bitch
Who just ‘thinks’ she’s so fly

You gotta act in just the right way
To keep those vultures at bay.
Cause they feel they’ve got the right to stare
To mouth their insults and praises
And stretch their hand’s to all the places
That a girl wishes they wouldn’t

It’s obvious when they stare
That they don’t care
To know who you really are.
To them you’re just a piece of ass
Born so they could make a pass.
So you’ve got a life, a mind
They don’t wanna know
Just keep passing by
Real close and real slow.
“Hey shake it baby.”  You’re on show

From the young enough to be my kid
To the old enough to be dead.
They’re all vultures – vultures that wanna be fed.
I take a deep breath with my eyes straight ahead:
Then I screw my face and walk on by
“Hey baby, why don’t you smile?”
In my mind I reply;
“Why don’t you get off the curb and go get a job
Get yourself a life and make yourself a man.
Maybe then, the next time I walk by.
Maybe, you just might be
At my side.”

What Yah Looking At? by Soyini Denise Liburd

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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