by Soyini Denise Liburd

Mental penetration
Causes a disturbance within.
Multiple facets of my entity reacting
growing excited
by stimulation from a single source
Simulating all of my desires.
My hand leans to write and I wonder why.
What do I sense…?
What drives me? - I ask, just before my own conclusion
Then forget my search for epiphany
as I become lost in the beauty of the page…
After all, I control my fate.
This disturbance is not a metaphoric philosophy to be
- it is only my mind rejecting my power
by telling me in fact that I am powerless.
I don’t believe it.

Your invasion of my consciousness
came before your declaration of war.
There was no defense.
I can only tremble as I await the outcome.
And attempt to asses the damage to my existence.
There is no pain.
But certainly, my life is a little more dank than
I can’t think while wet – it is my weakness.
My brain finds the coolness distracting
and sends electric signals at the frequency that makes
me shiver
A few hertz short - so that there is no pain.

It only rains at your advances.

We asses each other.
I probe for softness behind your front.
I want to steal the thoughts that document your
Learn the weaknesses of all the other little nations
that trembled before you, that I might save myself.
Were there many?
I am curious.
What do you think of me - am I what you seek?
I am tense from waiting, maybe this fate wasn’t
promised to me.
Let me close my eyes and pretend not to want you too badly.

What enticed you to enter me?
And is your acceleration due to my mind’s compulsion?
(After sensing you at the corners of my cerebrum
In reaction to my pleasure
Drew you in without thinking.)
When I said to myself that I would let you only there.
My front porch perhaps, but not inside … not yet.
I am sure that it is better to wait for 365 days
3.65 grams of pure AU
and a diamond with angles that ensures diffraction of
the light just so.
I am convinced as I stand by the door and guard the lock.
It is better to wait.
I fight a shiver as I look out through the peephole
clueless that already you recline beneath my covers.
That is to say, my mind was clueless
But truly, I noticed – I was a little more wet than usual.

Tides of cold fear wash up to my knees,
Cursed waiting – rising water
My eyelids flutter,
a little more slowly than my heart dances
To the sound of the rain

The protection I cling to is cold steel
Powerless to warm me.
and the rain has always made me sleepy.
I tire of waiting and my failed precautions.
I think I will retire to my bedroom
and lay a little while on my bed.

Vibrations by Soyini Denise Liburd

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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