The Beast

by Soyini Denise Liburd

Tonight brings smiles.
Friends are here to share her joy.
Hours too join in ­ they dance as they slip away;
Safe and happy ­ smiles stay.

SUDDENLY ­ they've all run away.
All the trusted ones;
The light, the joy ­ gone.
The feelings of safety run past,
The friends that she had fade fast.
They ignore the tear that betrays the fear that comes
to mock her innocence.
A lonely street, a cold breeze, a girl and a beast who

She stares at the spot where a friend disappeared and
left her all alone ­ suddenly - on a cold, dark,
lonely street.
She feels it, she knows it, ever nearer draws the
This beast, he used to smile at her but now he hunts
her down.
This beast, she used to trust but now she feels she
must ­ must run
Because he no longer smiles and there's a strange look
in his eyes.
Oh, why has everyone gone home, and left her all
She hears the footsteps come and she starts to run.
Her fear starts to overtake her and see, so does he.
She's so scared and so alone ­ alone except for the
beast who hunts.

Suddenly trapped ­The beast appears just from that
Where the friend that she had, that she lost, that was
not ­ her friend faded
What seems like a lifetime ago.
She tries to scream, tries to run away ­ She can't
because he's already here
And-she can't ­
She screams and she pleads and she can't ­
She can't save herself from the pain and the shame,
Of intensity she never knew could be.
Her screams are ignored,
Her tears are outpoured and still
He continues to force her to betray herself.
And she can't save herself from this torment that he
Inflicts undeservingly.

She came back to life from death:
She lost innocence and consciousness all in one step.
She stiffens and remembers why,
She lies here like this and cries.
And cries.  And cries.  And cries.
She looks down at the dirty rags of what's left of the
Tattered skirt - not too short; tattered blouse - not
too tight.
A shame comes to live in the filthy wreck inside her
That will never again be clean.
She will always hear her scream.
The one no one else did.
She will never be rid ­
Of the memories of the anguish of the night when she

He's gone, she's alone
She will always be this way
Because no one could ever know, or understand, or
She survived but she died: because all that remains is
a shell with her name.
She will never again be the same,
As she was before she died.
Now she lives in fear: who else lurks out there?
To steal her body and ravage her soul.
She grows old.
But she will never forget.
Because everyday, everywhere,
She carries the pain she can't bear
Another memory, another tear
Another scream, do you hear?
I do.
Do you think you can know,
A woman's fear, of what lurks out there?
Do you wonder why...I do?

The Beast by Soyini Denise Liburd

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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