Still A Man

by Soyini Liburd

You're finally free baby,
The bars that held you;
They be broken now.

I saw you go in
to your prison.
And I wanted to love you
even then
You pushed me away
because you didn't want me
to see them break your manhood
I didn't understand that back then
I thought you turned your back on me
I thought you didn't love me baby
I'm sorry I doubted you
I was clueless
I didn't know what to do
But I kept the love inside for you

Now you're free baby
and I feel a weight taken off my shoulders
`Cause a part of me be free too.
We were so tight baby
As soon as you left your prison
...after all this time,
The first thing you do is call me
And I hear the joy in your voice
and the plans on your lips,
My baby.
They couldn't break you
Still a man

You didn't forget me baby,
You played my number in your mind
To pass the years
And keep out the words
The strokes
They used
when they tried to beat you down

You're free now baby,

I wanted to wait for you,
I would have waited
for you
But you told me to go on
and live while you were gone
And I was so selfish that
I didn't see the love in that
I didn't see
why you were hurting me.

Now you're free
and still a man
and you don't ask me...
you don't ask me
where I've been
...with who
and you love me still
Your love doesn't cling to me
Your love says to me

See I don't know if I'll ever
see you again
All I know is that you love me
And that I love you
and that our love is giving
not demanding
I've never had love like this
And when everything that was US
go our separate ways
That love that makes us ONE
Is always gonna be
with me
right here -
in my heart

We're both now free baby
We can both fly

Still A Man by Soyini Liburd

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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