The Lonely Hater

by Soyini Denise Liburd

Whatís wrong girl?
Why you crying?
Who broke you?
Which one of those
ďmen are all the fucking same - canít never be trustedĒ
brothers made it so that youíre sitting here crying?

ďIím a true brotha
Stepping to yah,
To take away your pain
Warm your heartÖ caress your feet,
Kiss your soul, flowers and candy
And a million promises.
Do you want me? Do you trust me?
Let me love you honeyÖĒ

So thatís it, been hurt and now some other fucker
Is stepping to you
Sista I know, itís the same shytt we all go through

So are you going to believe him this time?
I know you lonely; I see it in your eyes
So youíll take his hand, and the hand of the next guy
That comes along after heís gone,
Begging you to give it one more try
Sealed with kisses and promises
Ö and lies
From the real, true, loving brotha.

Youíre still young,
Itís gonna take a couple more times
Couple more lies
Before you realize 
that itís just not worth this feeling in your heart -
that pain just never goes away
Donít cry - Itís just not worth it.

For me itís over - not going through that shit again.
Iíd rather be alone than hurt like that
Hell yeh Iím scared - terrified,
Hurt by Him and the look in your eyes.
However unwise, this is the new me - forever
Call me Ďthe lonely haterí.

The Lonely Hater by Soyini Denise Liburd

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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