D Trini

by Soyini Liburd

Ah jus want to write ah Caribbean poem
Ah fed up ah de thee's and thou's
And dis cold ah merican weather
Meh heart not broken, ah not in love
And if ah had one wish
Right now
Listen partner, it eh go be you
It go be store bay and some hot pelau!

Meh soul eh aching for nuttin but ah party
And meh spirit eh yearning for nuttin
But de beauty ah meh country
Ah not in de mood to write nuttin bout how dey wrong

Dis is meh Caribbean poem,
Meh roots.
Ah reach where ah fed up read meh own shit
Cause is just not me anymore
Ah too young to be a freshwater yankee
Ah is still ah trini

True ah miss one carnival but leave de last wine for
Ah go make it up next year
De truth now ah fed up ah here
And all de dead presidents in de world,
Eh worth ah good lime on de promenade

So ah go lef de ole talk
And meh nah wah hear bout love and heartache
And all de pressure dey does pressure we.
All dat go still be there when ah done dis
Buh lemme pick up ah Express and see what going on
dese days
Look up British West Indian Airways
And find meh arse on ah plane back where ah should be
Small talk, old talk and shit talk
Bout all de sweetness ah trini

Doh figure yuh could tell me what to write
And what to like
Cause ah jus eh feeling it no more
Talk de truth, de Charles River dutty
And when ah say home it go always mean trini.

So who figure ah should keep writing bout tabanca
And lemme arse freeze while meh mind love up ah merica
Ah sorry for yuh partner

Cause I is a trini, and dis is ah Caribbean story.
And who eh like it could hold dey _ _ _ !
Well lemme jus say
Who vex loss.
Holding ah Caribbean memory
Is what does make dis trini happy
And dat is how it go be
Until I good and ready
To deal with de life outside ah trini.

D Trini by Soyini Liburd

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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