Come To Me (On High)

by Soyini Liburd

I’m on high with thoughts of you,
Warmed inside by love from you,
Washing over me,
Caressing my body…

Look what you do to me,
I can’t see you,
But you gotta be
right here next to me
Because I’m feelin’ you.

…and I’m smiling.

Your arms must be around me
Cause I’m feelin’ so warm, all over me,
Are you sure your not here next to me…?
I’m feeling you baby.
I’m dancing –
all of me moving.
So you must be singing to me.
I can almost hear your voice whisper to me
Barely softer than the sound of my sighs
To your music between my thighs.
I can’t see you,
But I know,
It’s gotta be you.

No one else could do me like that.

My face is on high…
Reaching down,
Tilting back,
Coming up.
I can see the ceiling,
And just below
I see you…every time I close my eyes.
Can I get up there…with you?
You’ve got me wanting…
to come, up high

I’m tingling all over
Aching for you
Your hands dripping down me,
Couldn’t be only fantasy
I want you,
Come to me.

Love me.

I sense you, around me
You got me up…
Don’t tease me…
I feel you kissing me,
But I want you inside me.
I want to feel you there
Like I feel you here
tasting me,
all over my body.

Come to me.
Let me feel you baby,
The way I feel you, feelin’ me.

Come To Me (On High) by Soyini Liburd

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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