Black Man?

by Soyini Liburd

Who are you Black Man?
Where are you at?
Some abstract
Concept in my mind?
Or something genuine?
Making my heart sing?
or my body sting?

Mysterious Black Man
Are you
Loving my baby?
Or leaving me?
Or maybe even chasing me
as we speak
down some lonely street.

Mr. Black Man.
Should I fear you?
Could I love you
Without my babies seeing me cry?
Without my friends asking me why
I pour my love on your abuse and neglect?

Where are you Black man?
The man that ran away?
Wouldn't stay ?
Kept me in the mud
when I would soar?
Who are you Black man?
A clenched fist?
A slammin' door?
Or something stronger,
something more...

I will love you if you let me
Black Man
I will respect you if you can be
a Black Man
Not a boy
breaking toys
after he's through

Are you real Black Man?
Out there, hurting somewhere
While boys pretend to be you?
If you're true
Then let me find you
Help free you
from your prison
from the whippin'
society's placin'
on you.
We can both be stronger, you see
If only you'd return to me
And bring your memories
Of how to love and respect
In the presence of your Queen.
That is my dream.
Black Man.

Who are you Black Man?
Loving me?
Offering comfort,
Or even now
a fading

Don't die Black Man.
Remember who you are.
Then I will guide you to me
Fear will finally leave me...
I am Black Woman.
I am.
But who are you Black Man?
Will you ever be true to me?
Genuinely loving me
and my baby?
That is the Black Man
I'd like you to be.

Where are you at Black Man?
I'd like to see you.
Black Man.
And know you.
Black Man.
And love you.
Black Man.
Black Man.

Black Man? by Soyini Liburd

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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