by Soyini Denise Liburd

You have a presence that stays close to me
Keeps me up till my dawning
Long after you’ve spoken your last words to the night
You are the only being in my life
That speaks to the me inside
Urges my body to create,
The way you create eternity,
Without knowing it.

Maybe if I could get closer to you - you would take my hand
I would drink from your lips … consume every word
Rub your presence into my skin
So that your scented aura never leaves me
Maybe you would bring my face up,
To where our eyes could commune
And our bodies could create

My fantasy repeats itself, 
every time you touch me 
with your voice
I have my eyes closed when I listen
- Did you know that?
My eyelids have always touched in response to my ecstasy

My wonder repeats itself
Every time I feel you inside me,
Feeding the yearning of my neglected soul
Your voice pours cool liquid - silver feeling
Into the secrets of my womanhood
Even this recollection makes me shiver
- Do you feel that?
You stroke a part of my inner being
That has never learned to resist
- that has never been touched
… until now
a core of pure feeling
that has been lost
… until now

I’m alive because you speak to me
I feel because you’ve found me
My innocence loves you.
You found it for me,
When I gave up looking…
I am not tainted; there is innocence in me.
I am bent - weak with a burden of special tears
I am not tainted. This is everything to me.
I can live through my innocence again.
Can you feel me - can you feel my heart … at this moment?

Find beauty in me.
In this part of me that is yours alone.
I could live, and perhaps find happiness if you rejected my body.
My body is nothing to me - only a door to my heart - to my innocence.
If you want to, reject my body.
Only - please, 
now that you have found life inside me
Please; stay with me always.

Your words formed our union,
Your voice, brought me peace
Your heart contains all of my heaven
Your body is nothing to me, 
… and you are beautiful.

The rest of the world is empty.
For me
There is only you.

Abyss by Soyini Denise Liburd

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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