For My Ghetto

by Soyini Denise Liburd

I want to fix my ghetto.
Want to escape the cycle,
See my daughter go to College,
NOT - see that caseworker at my door
Peering through the broken glass
My broken glass.
My life is broken,
Making me hard and sharp
I'll cut you if you get too close
So leave ghetto girl alone.

I want to make my ghetto okay,
Not paradise...
My dreams can't stretch that far yet.
Just fix those broken windows
So I can shut out the gunfire.
Just a restraining order
On that no good caseworker
See my daughter in college instead of on the streets
My little dream for my ghetto.

I'm not afraid to admit:
I need help - I want your love.
But I can't trust you -
I remember it was the last you that came my way - who broke my life,
Left it like this

So, how can I fix my ghetto on my own?

I sit and dream about a roof that doesn't leak
...thieves, murderers and worse ... nightly
Dripping bullets, on my head ...
Breaking into my life - murdering my peace
No sleep, no dreams ... no rest in my ghetto

Try asking your caseworker how to fix your ghetto.
You might get the answer I got -
"get rid of all the niggaz,
get rid of all the crap
that they kill each other for...
... ain't worth nothing

Get rid of all the niggaz
Replace them with Nubian Kings & Queens...
- no . That would be paradise.
My dreams can't stretch that far yet.
Just make them into gentlemen and ladies,
Wait don't think white - I mean black
Black gentlemen and ladies...
No more niggaz and bitches

Get rid of all the crap
_ ummm there's a lot of crap to go round here
can't take the dirty glass away
but MalcolmX would say,
All it takes is a clean glass containing dreams of paradise
Glass that don't break lives -

No niggaz, no crap ...
Can we get rid of those welfare checks _?
The one's we've survived X generations on?
And finally tell that caseworker to go to hell
Young black entrepreneurs ...
I Mean Black.
Strong Black entrepreneurs.

I don't want paradise.
Don't want to leave my hood.
Just want to fix my ghetto,
For my baby girl.

For My Ghetto by Soyini Denise Liburd

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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