White Spirit of Africa

by Soodabeh (April)

I wonder if black is the color of your soul
When you are float
On the dark ocean of mysteries
I heard my ancestors
Not thousands
But millions of years ago
Lived in a castaway continent on the earth
I think that time
The color of your soul was white
Genetic dispersing patiently and continuously
Afar travel to modern mankind
Some black, some white of any kind
I wonder if “Katonda” wisely judged the universe
When your men and women dispersed
Enslaved by their white cousins 
And "Ogun" closed his eyes on the war, 
During the last Iron Age
I guess in that time 
The color of your soul was dark
Oh you, the realm of deities
Kingdom of powerful Gods 
How was your color
When "Olorun" cried in heavens
Your beauty is irresistible under the rain
Oh Mujaji, people in south are waiting
Although “Ala” will not forget 
The Ebola scar on your face,
Nothing reduced 
Your incredible elegance 
I admire you
Come out still proud
>From the tug of war
Famine, hunger, disease and poverty
While, the color of your spirit remained white

White Spirit of Africa by Soodabeh (April)

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