Micro Poems

by Soodabeh (April)

The poet of night
Opened his eye
Gathered the blooms
Of pink and white
Gave them to clouds
At early dawn
And sang good bye


Fragrant wilderness 
Confused my sense
To find my way 
As I was just
A new comer 
In the United States 
Of your loneliness


Our bloods red
Our tears bright
Our minds delight
Your heart I bet
Beating the same
As mine so why
You black, me white


I never look at 
My watch again
If our hearts are far apart
I never measure
The passing of time
Let it freeze
At our last night


My son drew a "starry night"
But he did not paint
A dark blue sky
He replied to my "why"
"Since I like it always bright"


As soon as I evolved
As a human on the earth
And I thought all the worlds
Would be a lab for my test
The climate was changed

Micro Poems by Soodabeh (April)

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