Nobody In A Box

by Soodabeh Saeidnia

There was Nobody living
Nobody was living
Nobody lived inside an empty box
The box among millions of boxes
Millions among billions of no name boxes
Some empty, some full
Some open, some sealed
Some with an address on one side
But so many without 
Nobody felt nothing
No emotion, nor thought
Nobody wasn’t sad, nor glad
No limitation of size
Not space nor time
Nobody wasn't he, she, it
In a gloomy day like 
Every single day of its life,
The box said:
I wish there was something
Something inside or beside me
An address, a sheet of paper
A piece of tape on the ceiling, a label,
Even the box maker's pencil mark
But I'm my own preacher and cheerleader
The box's sigh penetrated space,
Bent the contours of time,
Surged forward and touched the nothingness
Nobody heard the box's sigh,
Felt the pain of missing,
And for the first time Nobody wished:
I wish I was somebody
The bluest sky with silver clouds
The greenest earth with turquoise rivers
The deepest forest with giant trees
The darkest cave with strange beasts
The cleverest animal with a lovable face
May I meet the box maker
And ask for this lonely box
Because I am Nobody, the only body who's
Dwelt for thousands of years inside this box
Though the box never knew me
Expecting no assistance
From the ocean, the sky, and the earth,
Even from the box itself,
I can only turn into an Invisible Wish
Waiting for a special event,
A phenomenon, a moment,
In which “nothing” may turn into “something”
Years passed, nobody knew
How long, no one measured the time
Until one day, a day like everyday
In a silent corner of the world,
A peaceful corner once
Occupied by boxes of all kinds
A sudden explosion occurred
Some boxes collapsed 
Some were thrown into space
A phenomenal turmoil, a chaos
The poor box was lucky because only
Its flaps were torn and couldn't close
The best opportunity
The Invisible Wish came out of the box
And looked around, ruined boxes everywhere
The injured ones scattered among many Invisible wishes!
"I am not alone," the transformed Nobody said

Unseen by the box eyes
Invisible wishes spread across space,
Filled the universe, the earth,
Conquered millions of planets
Filled the mind of the box maker
And convinced him
To stop making boxes
Some boxes are still living
in a far corner of the world
Missing their wishes
The wishes who left them behind
And evolved
The wishes who have forgotten
That once they lived inside boxes

The author wish to appreciate Jefferson Carter 
for revising and editing the poem. 

Nobody In A Box by Soodabeh Saeidnia

© Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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