My Sunday Kind of Love

by PoetryInked

 I need a Sunday kind of love 
that sweet smell of jasmine drifting in from the garden outside kind of love 
I need a learn to love me slow and thorough kind of love 
like the smell of vanilla and lavender mingled in my sheets 
reminding me of the first time 
enticing me to not make this the last time kind of love 
The luxury of kisses that last and last 
drawing every single inhalation of air out of my lungs 
causing me to drown in my own feelings of ectasy
I need your touch your warmth beside me in my bed 
allowing me to feel safe and protected
I need your Sunday love, the I want to take all night long 
but we have business so we are gonna make this quick for right now kind of love 
The force with which we delcare our desire so hot 
the mattress is almost on fire kind of love
I need that,...I can not sleep without you kind of love,
drinking in your countenance so I'll never forget you kind of love. 
Missing you before you leave kind of love,
smiling when I hear your voice again kind of love.
I need that Sunday kind of love lounging around the house 
with bare hearts and minds mimicking the nakedness of our bodies, 
existing in a surreal plane kind of love,
tongue twisting enigmas of thought caught between us two 
as we negotiate our terms of surrender kind of love 
But today is Saturday and since you've been gone 
Sunday never seems to come around anymore 

My Sunday Kind of Love by PoetryInked

© Copyright 2009. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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