How Do YOU Afford PEACE?

by PoetryInked

HOW would you live if you could not afford PEACE? How would you live if you knew there was no release no withdrawal of pain and death, hegemonic society exploding missiles in your houses, violating the centers of learning determined to destroy your greatest resources, the minds of your children corrupted by fear, always on alert never needing a news report to say the terror level is high ,orange bursts of fire racing overhead are never shooting stars but they shooting down stars erasing the could have beens and should have beens, chasing and hunting and blowing up cars collateral damage is all they can say, while innocents consumed by fire and poison lay bleeding in streets and moaning for their sons, I ask you how would you afford PEACE when quiet is what signals wars overwhelming silence is what allows wars holding back gasps allows other to hold gats and rat a tat tats fly through the air the way the laughter of babes used to do instead of jumping ropes they pickup guns with scopes and align with those against HOPE and when it all collides where will I be? How will I give when there is no release? when they say I can't come to deliver aid? Will I stand up and SPEAK? Will I call them LIAR by name will I stand up and SPEAK or falter in SHAME? How will you afford PEACE? Out of mind out of sight until their pain took flight now we have surrendered to the idea that we must fight instead of leaning down to offer our hands we turn our backs and ignore their demands For freedom HOW DO YOU AFFORD PEACE?

How Do YOU Afford PEACE? by PoetryInked

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