by Siarra Turner

I am proud of my skin
Deep and smooth like the warm night sky
Rich and fertile like the soil
Its ebony glows within the dark
The luminescent spark of beauty
Given by the Lord above
And broken into the colors of splendor
A rainbow of chocolate mocha
Dances in the gentle air
Radiating pride for the magnificence
Of our skin.

I am proud of my eyes
Wise and true like the moon
Strong and passionate like the sun
Its unyielding power enlightens the soul
Yet strikes apprehension in the mind
A dark fear for what the vision holds
And the formidable stories it tells
A fervent fire burns within the retina
Retaining a bitter knowledge
But rejoicing with pride for the strength
Of our eyes.

I am proud of my body
Tall and thick like the trees
Short and sturdy like its branches
The brilliant curve of my full lips
To the tone of my legs' evident energy
The sleek build of the men
Exemplifying inevitable manipulation and skill
The soft curvature of the women
Depicts challenging yet worthy attitude
Vivifying the pride for the wonder
Of our body.

I am proud of my voice
Passionate yet rough like the mountains
Mellifluous yet mighty like the river
Its affluent sound echoing amongst the clouds
Speaking words of bitter truth and knowledge
The gentle tone flows quietly within the ocean
Telling words of desire and awe
A new breed of lexis rolls from the tongue
Showing wisdom, talent, and exquisite creativity
As I revel in the pride for the influence
Of our voice.

I am proud of my people
Obstinate and determined like nature
Merciful and forgiving like the Creator
Not willing to endure degradation and discrimination
Yet wanting to ingest the morality of the journey
Oppressive times and cruel circumstances
Haunt the very essence of our existence
Only to be rewarded with revelation and spirit
For He would never allow us to hold
More than we alone can bear, yet the shoulders
Be strong as we hold much upon them
Emitting the pride for never-ending struggle and triumph
Of my people.

Pride by Siarra Turner

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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