Music and God

by Siarra

The sound of the chord
As it plays inside my head
Sooths my soul, brings me down.
The intricate patterns of lyrics
Singing soulfully within my heart
Each beat stirring up something
Hidden deep inside all thoughts.
Hidden in the subconscious of all of us.
The touching sounds of hip-hop beats
Swirled together with sweet voices
Singing of pain, pleasure and passion.
R&B awakens the something within,
Making my hips sway to the melody,
My eyes close to the message,
And my lips move with the song.
Out comes my soulful voice
Ringing triumphantly throughout the air.
The voice I was born with,
We were all blessed to have.
When all else seemed gray,
We still had those voices to take us out.
The heart-thumping sounds of a hip-hop beat
In a combination of smooth lyrics,
Ignites the soul to a fervent passion.
It lets loose all tension inside my bones,
And erases all evil from my head.
Rap lets the bad sleep, and touches rhythm.
It makes my feet dance to the beat,
My eyes close to the message,
And my lips move with the song.
Out comes my ghetto style
As I dance the night away.
It is the style I was born with.
The same style that we
Were all blessed to have.
For when everything seemed to crumble,
We still had that style.
The spiritual reverberation
Of that slow gospel tune,
Whirled together with strong
Voices of the Black community,
Informs the soul, lets it know,
Who is watching over.
It cures all the bad things
All the evil, the sinister,
And brings us all back together.
Making my heart grow
With the passion of the song,
Making my eyes close to the message
That the Lord had sent down to me,
And making my lips move to the song,
Silently praying, thanking Him.
Out comes my spirit, my soul.
As it rejoices the life it has.
It was the spirit I was born with.
The same spirit we were all blessed to have.
For no matter what bad may happen,
We will always have that spirit.
Thatís all we have when immoral rides.
Thatís all Black people ever have.
We have music and we have God.
It keeps us going, keeps us moving,
Music brings us home and God keeps us safe there.
We will always come home to those sounds
Cause it keeps our community together,
Itís what gives us strength to keep rising.
And thatís all we need to keep alive.
Music and God.

Music and God by Siarra

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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