by Siarra Turner

Stripped down
To the last fabric
To the final thought
To complete truth
My skin shines
Brightly upon
The awe-stricken
Vision of watchers
As its bare presence
Shocks the world
Free of consequence
Free of doubt
Free of worry and care
I now speak
My heart, and mind
Void and empty
Of society’s view
Of people’s opinion
Or their thought
My eyes now see
Complete truth
My mouth now
Speaks its cry
Of reason
My skin radiates
Its never ending
The world cannot
Control my mouth
For He gave it
The strength
And is the only
Who can remove
Its persuasion
I can now
With my eyes
Find my answer
Find my goal
And reach it
Empty of you
And your belief
I scream my
Words of power…
I am beautiful
As your eyes
Can see as
They glow over
The ebony of
Barren skin
Stripped of your
Wicked costume
Of your masks 
Filled with hatred
I proudly stand 
Up as me
I am right
No matter what
Your hurtful 
Words may tell
My strive is 
The only right way
And I will
Continue to travel it
My thoughts are
Uniquely mine
And can never
Be wrong if
They come from 
The heart
I am talented
Regardless of
Your perfect
And impossible
Boundaries, setting
Crude limits
Harsh restrictions
Delaying my path
Of self expression
And discovery
Which in turn
Fuel the very
Thing you opt
To destroy
I am loved
For God loves
My soul and
Blesses it every
Beautiful day
One day I 
Will find the
Soul who is blessed
To love my heart
And my mind
They are worth
The waiting
The wanting
The affection
I am not perfect
So stop pretending
My work is
High and mighty
And can never 
Falter in the world
I can fail
I can fall
So let me drop
And let me grow.
Allow my strength
To prosper
To flourish
And blossom
Enlightening all
With my own beauty
I am barren
Barren of thought
Barren of opinion
Barren of you
Barren of myself
Barren of the world
Releasing me
Unleashing the soul
Freeing the mind
I refuse to
Fall into your
Twisted game
Their blind ignorance
A misguided world
Never again will
I clothe for you
For them
For anyone 
Damning my pride
My mind 
My heart of
Divinity and truth
I choose to live
To wander
To walk God’s world

Barren by Siarra Turner

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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