My Gift

by Reign

In this book of surpream light I strive to bring you insight 
while recording incidents and stages of my life
hoping that to these chapters you take heed
no released to get you hyped or to mislead
but to let you know that my heart it bleeds and continues to blister
so my anger I release on paper and a fifth of liquor
constantly flipping through the pages re-reading read chapters
wallowing in my hell my reality feeding into the grim laughters
of those who say they know I will fail so it's only natural that I contend
that I strive to prevail that I remove these bracelets of bondage
that i've placed on my mind
that i've placed on my mind
every night I strive how ever it seems pointless
something like an endless ride
and sometimes my mind it roams into unknown zones
as if maybe I lack one or two chromesones
wondering am I pretending to be sane
not saying this for sympathy
but so that you can understand my pain
and know that I understand yours it's level it's limits it's range
with this gift expand realize that it can get worse
get use to defying the laws of those before you get use to hurt
wake up stop crying it's not fair 
why me
simply because struggle is ordained for those who are chosen to reign

My Gift by Reign

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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