The Essence of a Man

by Shawntaye Scott

I want a man who will 
Accept me for who I am, 
Never raise his hand to me, 
Respects my strong character, 
Won't ever envy my success, 
Views me as a human being, 
Not just a woman,
And knows when to give me space. 

I want a man who is 
Responsible and takes responsibility. 
Genuine in his character, not fake, 
Strong and stable with who he is, 
Old school and still believes in monogamy. 
Knows papa didn't raise no fool, 
Is mannerable and respectful 
And actively pursuing his goals and dreams. 

I want a man who will appreciate, 
The curve of my hips 
The thickness of my thighs 
The softness of my skin 
The roundness of my butt 
The outline of my breasts 
The flabbiness of my stomach 
The beauty of my face 
The length of my hair 
The shapeliness of my legs 
The depth of my mind. 

I want this in a man.

The Essence of a Man by Shawntaye Scott

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